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home tells me they need 6 numbers and a letter so they can order the product sealers bags

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Q: Where can i purchase decosonic food sealer bags?
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What is more economical food storage bags like Ziploc or a food vacuum sealer?

Ziploc is more economical per bag. Although the vacuum sealer bags are more expensive (and you also have the initial purchase of the sealer), the vacuum sealer bags will keep frozen food much better for a longer period of time. And, depending upon what was stored in the bags, there is the possibility of limited re-use. The zipper-type bags are very good for short-term storage.

What is the purpose of a food vacuum sealer?

The purpose of a food vacuum sealer is to seal food properly. Food is put in plastic bags and the food vacuum sealer seals the plastic bags so that no air can get inside and spoil the food.

Where is it possible to buy large sealer bags to use for food products?

Large sealer bags for food products can be purchased at local stores like the large Walmart stores. One might also look to Pampered Chef stores for large sealer bags.

What are vacuum sealer bags used for?

The vacuum sealer bags are used for the vacuum packing machine. The purpose is storage food, reduce the space and prolong the quality of the food. Saves time and money.

Can anyone provide operating instructions decosonic prolock food sealer?

Contact the company by typing in name in browser window and you will get an address or phone or contact via e-mail.

Where can you find inexpensive refills for the Food Saver vacuum sealer?

There are many websites that offer refills for the FoodSaver vacuum sealer. FoodSaver has a website where you can purchase the refills online. Amazon also sells these refill bags at low cost. Ebay would also be a good place to look for these refills.

What does a Plastic bag sealer do?

A plastic bag sealer seals plastic bags to an airtight condition and prevent food from going off too quickly. They are usually handheld machines and once sealed the food will stay fresh longer.

Where do you buy the bags for the vacuum sealer?

You can buy food bags for vacuum food sealers in supermarkets or grocery stores in your local area. Food bags used for vacuum food sealers are widely available in any supermarket you can find in your local area. These are available in different sizes and length so you will be able to find the right one that fits your food.

In which country local food markets do not provide bags for your purchase?


Where can one purchase vacuum food bags?

One can purchase vacuum food bags from various websites like Amazon or eBay. One could also visit a local furniture store and ask if they have one for sale.

Where can one purchase rolls for a food saver?

Food saver rolls or vacuum sealer rolls can be purchased from all good supermarket stores. Try Walmart, or purchase from webpage stores such as Amazon or Ebay.

How does a vacuum food sealer work?

A vacuum food sealer sucks the air out of the bag so the food stays fresh. The air in the container causes the food to rot, so the food sealer gets rid of that air. The food stays fresh longer than if someone didn't use the vacuum food sealer.