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A person can comparison shop on pricing for automobile insurance in Connecticut by visiting the Connecticut Car Insurance Center. Different insurance rates offered by different insurance companies can be compared from one location.

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Q: Where can a person get auto insurance quotes in CT?
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What auto insurance has code 989 in CT?

If an insurance code of 989 is shown on a police report car accident who does that person have car insurance with?

Which services are offered by CT Car Insurance?

Connecticut Car Insurance offers several types of services to the consumer based on their needs. These services include auto insurance coverage, agents in offices, online access to services, auto repairs, rental cars as well as a road side assistance program.

Where can one apply for CT Insurance?

CT Insurance, more fully known as Connecticut Insurance Department is a Connecticut government department whose website lists insurance companies, primarily in the medical field.

Who are some health insurance provider in Hartford CT?

There are many heath insurance providers in Hartford, Ct. These include companies such as Hartford HealthCare, Anthem and Health Insurance Connecticut.

If I have recently moved to Detroit, MI from CT but still have Connecticut auto insurance are my rates in danger of increasing?

Yes, you rates may increase due to the different taxes in fees in Detroit MI. This is also depending on your insurance company.

How long does a DWI affect your insurance in CT?

Depends on your insurance company's policy.

Where can I get a cheap auto insurance quote in tennessee?

Here are some state results: Also use insurance comparison tools like esurance.

Will ct auto insurance cover accident if car was unregistered?

Normally, an insurer will require that all requirements of the law be complied with in order to issue a policy. This would include proper registration of the vehicle.

If you have a Ct drivers license but no insurance can you drive a relatives car in DE?

If your relatives have insurance, then yes.

Where can I get cheap car insurance in maryland?

Here is a list of companies: Also use online quote comparison tools.

What is a NAIC number?

Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company, Simsbury, Ct.

Can a person sue if a home owner has no insurance in ct?

You can sue a homeowner, whether or not he/she is insured. Insurance only helps dilute the obligation to any liability. With a judgment, you may be able to place a lien on the property (check with CT laws), which means they can't sell the property without satisfying the lien. Another answer: The person can sell the property without satisfying the lean. It is just that the person selling the property will not get a cent for it. You will get the lean holders share. Check again. Check with your lawyer.