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On Movie Star Planet, once you are on the map, click on Movietown and then Movies and choose whether you want to make a new movie (New Movie), view movies you have already made (My Movies) or watch your friend's and best friends and boy friends movies (Watch Movies).

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Q: Where are the movies on movie star planet?
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What is movie maker on movie star planet?

Movie maker is just basicley where you can make movies.

What is there things to do on Movie Star Planet?

games, chat, make movies, and more

How do you earn star coins very quick on Movie Star Planet?

Easty just win games make movies and watch movies

How do you get a higher level quicker on Movie Star Planet?

Make movies and get people to watch them.

How do you get twenty thousand star coins on Movie Star Planet?

Buy VIP. Or spend forever rating movies.

How do you earn money on Movie Star Planet?

Make movies play games watch short movies or other movies make artbooks and make looks

Does Una Healy have Movie Star Planet?

No, she does NOT have Movie Star Planet.

How can you get in to your room in movie star planet?

How to get in your room in movie star planet

Is there a game where you can be a movie star?

yeah, its a game called it is online and free. get your movie star and make friends and movies! be friends with me on moviestar planet by search after camipanda :-)

How do you make hearts in Movie Star Planet?

You got to MovieTown You click Movies Finally, you click New Movie

How do you create a movie on movie star planet?

You go to movie town then click movies then at the top it will have Top, Mine, And friends click the one after friends

How do you earn loads of star coins on Movie Star Planet?

get people to rate your movies love them and love your room for fame you need autographs