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Sand Tracer, Fishing Derby, and Depth Chargers. If you've played Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Depth Chargers is like the mini game in that Kirby game, but you use your stylus instead of locking a targer and ur in the ocean instead of the ground.

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Q: Where are the hidden mini games in the legendary starfy?
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How do you get minigames in the legendary starfy?

You have to get a mini g challenge chest. And some are In sogwood forest skydye heights and s.s logwater.Hope this is help full!

Where are the mini games in starfy?

you discover them in different stages, and view them by pressing "R" or view them when you go in to your account ("play, minigames, copy file, delete file" buttons)

Are there some small games in Hidden Expedition Titanic?

Yes, there are 14 mini-games in Hidden Expedition: Titanic. Go to find unique artifacts or assemble period photographs.

How do you get all minigames on legendary starfy?

u gotta go find 1 tresure chest in sogwood forest, skydye heights, and s.s logwater. for sogwood is fishing derby. then in skydye it is sand tracers and finaly in s.s logwater is depth chargers. i think that the first level in sogwood has the chest and also the guy who is the min games expert is called mini g OR ME

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You can beat the mini game in legendary sword on poptropica by using the cheat codes.

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You can't skip mini games, I think.

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they are mini games like on super Mario brothers. they are even better than Mario mini games!

How do you unlock hidden mini-game unsodded in Plants vs Zombies?

you have to hack it.

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If you finished adventure you can get more mini games. : D

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