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There are none pokemon liquid crystal is a fake pirated game.

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Lmao yes there are. The answer is Kanto btw people

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Q: Where are the evolution stones in Pokemon liquid crystal?
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How do you find a sun stone in Pokemon liquid crystal?

There are stone sellers for moon, fire, sun, thunder and water stones in Pokemon Liquid Crystal. The stone sellers for sun stones can be found in the Olivine lighthouse from a geek.

How do you find water stone on pokemon liquid crystal?

Pokemon Liquid Crystal is not a game. However, in Pokemon Crystal, one can find a water stone on Route 25, along with most other evolutionary stones available within the game.

What to do with evolution stone?

Evolution stones are used to evolve certain Pokemon.

Where do you get the evolution stones in Pokemon Red?

You can buy evolution stones at the Celadon City Department Store on the 4th floor.

How do you get the stones on Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you mean evolution stones. You can buy them at the shop in Celadon

Where do you get evolution stones in Pokemon tower defense?

click pokemart

How can get the shiny stone in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't evolve Togetic in Pokemon Crystal as Shiny stones did not exist in Crystal. Togekiss was also introduced in Gen4. Crystal is Gen 2?

When digging in the Underground in Pokemon Diamond do evolution stones appear to be more in the center of the screen or what?

Evolution stones appear randomly, not just in the center of the screen.

How do you make Pokemon evolve with stones in hg?

You go to your bag and select one of the evolution stones you have, then you select "Use" and the screen will go to your Pokemon party. Then you select the Pokemon that is able to use that particular stone to evolve. If you don't have any of the particular Pokemon that uses evolution stones to evolve, it won't work.

Where can you buy the evolution stones in Pokemon diamond?

you cant buy them but get them underground

What are all the stones names that evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

If i were you I would probably go to

Where do you find evolution stones in pokemon soulsilver?

You can find evolution stones is various places. If you have beaten the Elite Four, go to the Pokeathlon Dome. In the prizes section, there will be evolution stones. Compete in competitions to earn enough points for the one you want.