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In the inner ear.

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Q: Where are the anatomical structures of the labyrinth located?
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What does anatomical structures mean in a scientific term?

Anatomical structures are definable parts of the body, such as internal organs, limbs, and so forth.

What is the labyrinth?

a tortuous anatomical structure; especially : the inner ear or its bony or membranous part -- see BONY LABYRINTH, MEMBRANOUS LABYRINTH ; the cavity in the petrous portion of the temporal bone that contains the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear -- called also osseous labyrinth

What are anatomical structures designed to cushion joints and what are their combining forms?

The anatomical structures designed to cushion joints is the cartialge. The combining form is chrondr/o

How are anatomical structures useful in classification?

Anatomical structures are:Firstly, they are easy to observe in organisms and fossils.Secondly, fossils are the only evidence we are ever likely to have of extinct species

What is anatomical structures of a lion?

What anatomical structures are primarily proteins?

Amino Acids?

What are the anatomical structures designed to cushion joints?


What anatomical structures might be represented by your fists?


What is the anatomical term for bones?

Anatomical directional terms and bodyplanes describe the locations of structures in relation to other structures or locations in the body.

3 structures composing the bony or osseous labyrinth?

vestibule, cochlea, and perilymph

Anatomical structures that appear to be derived from a functional structure in an ancestor but that currently do not serve an important function are called?

homologous structures

What respiratory anatomical structures must be intact for ventilation to occur effectively?