Where are hot pockets made?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Hot Pockets are manufactured by Nestle. Nestle is headquartered in Glendale, California, but it has factories all over the world. So Hot Pockets are really made all over the world.

Hot Pocket's Original company's headquarters were in Englewood, Colorado, and that is where most hot pockets are still made.

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Q: Where are hot pockets made?
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Who are some comedians that made fun of Hot Pockets?

There have been a lot of comedians who have made fun of Hot Pockets. The most commonly known comedian to have made fun of Hot Pockets is Jim Gaffigan.

When was Hot Pockets created?

Hot Pockets was created in 1983.

Are hot pockets and other pre-made foods healthy for you?

Hot Pockets are actually very good for you! More than 30 varieties have 0grams of fat and contain 7 vitamins and minerals that are essential. So reach for the Hot Pockets and eat away!

Why it is called Hot Pockets?

The microwavable turnovers known as Hot Pockets are called Hot Pockets because the creators of the frozen food choose that name.

What is the difference between hot pockets and lean pockets?

Lean Pockets are healthier than Hot Pockets and come in more varities. They are both produced by Nestle

Who invented Hot Pockets?

Hot Pockets were invented by Paul and David Merage in the 1970s. They founded the company Chef America Inc. and began producing the product Hot Pockets in 1983. Hot pockets are based on and similar to the pizza type food called Calzone.

Are lean pockets a better choice than hot pockets?

yes, but barely, they tend to have more vegetables and a more healthy crust than hot pockets, but really they're both pretty bad for you.

Can you refreeze thawed Hot Pockets?


How many hot pockets in a case?

As many as you want there to be.

Do hot pockets have pork?

Most of the variety have pork.

A group beginning with h?

Hot Homo's Hot Hot Pockets! Holla Hamburger Holay Hotdawg

Was the creator of hot pockets black or white?

Neither he was mexican