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there is only a fill plug on this differential. The only 2 ways of removing the fluid is by removing the 10 bolts that hold on the diff. cover, or a hand pump that can suction the fluid out through the fill plug hole.

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Q: Where's the differential drain plug on a 98 mustang gt?
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Where is the drain for the transmission on a 2000 Subaru Outback?

Automatic trans drain plug is on left side of pan(for atf). differential oil drain plug is directly below differential. Manual transmission has only one plug(below differential in center of trans)

Location of rear differential fill plug 1994 mustang gt?

where is fill plug located on 1994 mustang gt, rear diff

Where is the differential plug on a 1993 ford ranger xlt?

there is no drain plug, you have to remove the whole cover to drain fluid.

Is there a drain plug on a Dana 60 rear differential or only the filler plug?

Only the filler plug. You have to remove the cover to drain the oil.

How do you service a differential on a car?

Some vehicles have a differential drain plug, if so then unscrew the drain plug first. If not, then move on to step 2. 1.Unscrew the differential drain plug. 2.Unbolt the differential cover. (set a bucket under the differnetail to catch the oil) 3. Get the gasket off of the differential and differential cover with a razor blade and/or whiz wheel. 4. Replace the gasket with gasket sealer and/or the new gasket. 5.Bolt the Differential cover back on. 6.Fill the differential up in the top drain until the fluid starts to overflow.

2002 Mazda protege 5 wheres the oil drain plug?

bottom side of the oil pan.............

Where is the drain plug on a 88 ford mustang for the rear end?

There is no drain plug. Only a fill plug. You have to remove the cover to drain the rear end. Use RTV to reseal it.

How do you drain the oile from the front differential on a 2006 trailblazer there does not appear to be a drain plug thanks?

There isn't a drain plug. You will need to remove the diff cover to drain the gear lube.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2000 mustang?

The motor oil drain plug is located on the motor oil pan. The Transmission oil drain plug is located on the Transmission oil pan.

How do you change the differential oil and what do you use for a Yamaha 350 bruin ATV?

I have a Yamaha 350 big bear, and differential drain plug is on the bottom of the differential. Just remove the plug and let it drain, put the plug back in and fill it back up... i use just regular gear oil

Where is drain plug on differential on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Which drain plug? The oil drain plug is right on the oil pan. Remove it with a socket. The radiator drain plug is on the bottom corner of the radiator. Specifically on the rear facing driver's side of the radiator. It's easier to get to if you pull down the mudflap protector. This means popping out the plastic bolt but it doesn't break it, you can push it back in afterwards. The plug is hard to reach but you can turn it out with a pair of pliers. There's a little rubber hose making a U-turn from the drain hole to a dummy plug. Pull the top end of the hose out and the fluid will drain out of here convienently when you open the plug. Be sure to catch all your fluid or you'll kill the neighborhood dogs.

No drain plug for rear differential on 2000 sonoma?

That's right, no drain plug back there. To change the lube you need to remove the diff cover.