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It depends on why you don't have the title. If you don't have it because it is financed then yes. The insurance company will do the work for you of getting the title released from the bank. If you don't have it because you don't own the vehicle then no the company will not pay you. Legally they cannot pay you for a vehicle that you don't own just like you cannot insurance a vehicle you don't own. They also cannot pay the true owner because that person does not have a legal contract of insurance with the company. No one gets paid.

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Q: When your car is totaled but you don't have the title will the insurance pay you?
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What happens if you Car title loan in default and car is totaled?

Typically you need a car with insurance to get a title loan. If your car is totaled, the loan company are entitled to that money since they hold the title for your car.

Can you send totaled car title to insurance company with no buyer signature?

You could obtain a duplicate title from the DMV.

Your friend sold you his car take over paymentsHe took the car off his insurance you insured the car and then totaled it but you are not on the title Will your insurance company pay for it?

As long as you have the title that he signed off of it and you signed on and you have insurance on the vehicle it will be covered.

Who is on the check from the insurance when vehicle is totaled?

Whomever the car is titled to. You will have to sign the title over to the insurance company since they essentially bought the wrecked car from you.

How do you get a car a reconstructed car title?

My vehicle was totaled according to the insurance company. I cannot collect any money from the ins co unless I have a reconstructed title. How can I get a reconstructed car title

What happens your car is totaled?

If you have the proper insurance or you were hit by someone you will surrender the car and the title to the insurance company and they will pay you the actual cash value of the car before it was hit.

Rebuilt title mean?

It means the car was totaled by an insurance company and rebuilt (to hopefully roadworthy standards!)

What happens if you have no insurance and you totaled your car?

you will have to pay a debt and GET CAR INSURANCE

How can I get the most for my car if it has a salvage title but everything in the car was brand new including the engine and was declared totaled by the insurance company of the driver who hit me?

Have the car appraised.

Do I need a salvage title if the Ins. Co. wrote off the car as a total loss and paid me and I kept the car?

Typically, when an insurance co. pays you for a totaled car you surrender the car and the title to them so it's weird that you still have the car at all! Once you surrender the car to the insurance co. they report it as totaled and usually auction the car off to recoup some of their money. Your situation is odd.

What argument can be used when an insurance co claims a totaled car is salvage and deducts from the payment but the title doesn't say it is salvage?

Your question is unclear. Did the insurance company declaire the car that was insured was a total loss. After that they would pay you for the entire value of the vehicle and keep the car since they paid you for it. The insurance company can then sell the damaged vehicle at an auction and make up for some of the loss or they can let the insured keep it and deduct the value from the claim settlement. I am an insurance agent but not a claims adjuster. Your questions is indeed unclear but I am assuming your car got totaled and they paid you less, as though it was a totaled vehicle to start with. They might know something you don't. If you purchased the car in the last 18 months from a dealer or person who gave you a clean title, the car may have in fact already been totaled but they decided to not file a claim and instead fixed it themselves at a cheaper cost and passed the car (and clean title) on to you. Meanwhile, the insurance company might have totaled the car and reported it as such. Or, the car was totaled in another state, moved to your state (a process called titled washing) and got a clean title for the short term, long enough to resell the car with a "clean title" even though it was totaled. When you renew your registration the title will come up salvage. Did you run a Carfax on this car prior to purchase?

How do you get your car title from Bank of America?

The only way to get your car title back from the Bank of America is to pay of the loan that the title is collateral for. If the loan is paid off, they will send you the title in the mail.