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Q: When you were good you were very good but when you were bad you were excellent?
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Was Muammar al-Gaddafi a good man?

He was an excellent dictator. By definition that makes him a very bad person.

What does pretty good mean?

Not bad, but not excellent.

Is carpooling good or bad?

Car pooking is excellent!!

Is a 672 fico credit score good or bad?

From a 640 - 679 is considered average 680 - 699 considered Very Good 700 or above is excellent credit

How is's services?

very good and excellent

Is prostitution bad or good?

very very very bad!!!!!!!

Is is celesta a good name?

Celesta is a very very excellent name.

How good are Kroger paper towels?

they are good, very solid, but not excellent

Is Tyler Holdstock bad?

not generally, when he is good he is very very good, but when he is bad he is horrid

Are engineers and scientists excellent writers?

On average they are as good or as bad as the general public.

Is robbery good or bad?

very bad

What does excellent in their practice mean?

It means being very good at what they do.