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Q: When you sneeze do you lose a second of life?
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Why do we say bless you after someone sneeze?

Because everytime u sneeze u lose a day of life\( ^.^ )/

When you sneeze do you stop breathing for a second?

When you sneeze you do in fact stop breathing for a second. This is because of the force of the air going out.

Do you lose weight when you sneeze?

Yes, about a quarter of a gram

Why is a sneeze called a sneeze?

Because when you sneeze the sound you make is "SNEEZE!" ^No, it really isn't. I've not heard one person say "SNEEZE" when they sneeze, ever in my life. I've heard people say "Achoo", "Atishoo" and other ones, but never "SNEEZE".

In every second out of 7 billion people how many sneeze in a second?

Probably a lot...

Do you die if you sneeze?

basically, when you sneeze, you die for about 1/2 a second and god chooses to bring you back to life that's why people say god bless you and because you die for 1/2 second while your sneezing, that's why you can't sneeze with your eyes open. ****************************************************** Improved answer The Birmingham Health System states, "If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture blood vessel in your head or neck and die. If you keep your eyes open by force (while you sneeze), they will pop out. Suppressing a sneeze can be harmful, particularly to your ears." I learned that if you hold in a sneeze while pinching your nose, while it relieves the pain in your ears, "it briefly blocks the blood flow to your heart". I wouldn't hold it in if I were you...

What is harder life itself or trying to sneeze while keeping your eyes open?

id say life because its possible to sneeze with your eyes open

How many miles per second can a sneeze travel?


Can holding in a sneeze cause a brain anerism?

yes, you lose 10 brain cells

Why do people not sneeze when they snort cocaine?

If users sneeze after snorting cocaine, there's a good chance they'll lose product since they're blowing powder back out.

Why do you sneeze twice?

When you sneeze a second time it usually means that whatever is irritating your nose is still in it after the first sneeze so your body continues to try to get it out.A 2nd, lighter answer: Sneeze twice, wipe once; the more you wipe, the less you scrape.

A sneeze zooms out at what meter per second?

44.6945 ms-1