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Q: When you pee you have two streams?
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How do you find water if there is no lakes streams rivers or oceans?

you own pee, Cates

Who can pee further men or women?

Of course women, if they can direct their streams horizontally. Have you ever heard how women pee? It's much louder than men.

What two major jet streams are in the northern hemisphere?

The Polar Jet Stream and the Subtropical Jet Stream are the two strongest jet streams in the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere has two major jet streams like the Northern Hemisphere.

Why do some water fountains produce two streams of water that merge into one?

Water fountains that produce two streams of water allows the customer to drink more water with less air, therefore less burping. Also with two streams there is less spraying.

Why does your dog have one nut?

because if they have two nuts it will be harder to pee and pee might get on the body

What are two types of streams?


Two belts of wind in hemisphere?

jet streams?

Why does your urine come out in two streams?

it shouldn't, get it checked out

Can guinea pigs pee out sperm?

no, the two tubes for the pee and the sperm are totaly seperated, so when they pee the sperm tube is closed off and vise versa.

How do jet streams create local storms?

Jet Streams are fast blowing winds above the troposphere. The blow at speeds of upto 120kmph. When two jet streams collide it causes storms.

Topographic rise between two streams is called?


Which are the two main streams in Jain Dharma?

swetambars and digambers.