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Sediment in the urine is caused by skin cells and debris from the urinary system.

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Q: When you pee in a bottle why do you see so much sediment in your urine?
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How much water does it take to pee water?

Human beings 'pee' urine, not water. Urine can sometimes appear clear if one is very well hydrated, but it is still urine.

Why if the bladder had 16.9 oz of urine can you not pee?

Urine is pee.

If your little girl is too short to reach the toilet where else can she pee at a public restroom?

There are many solutions. I recommend that you both go into the wheelchair stall. Then let her pee into the trash can. She can stand with her legs spread apart over it or she can sit on it. I used to do it when I was little, and it's really easy to reach and actually quite hygienic. You can also purchase a bottle* for her and she can pee-pee into that. Then just dump it into the toilet. * A good brand of bottle is My Pee-Pee Bottle, but a water bottle would do fine - if she's a good "aimer". To help her, tell her pee a little (some might get on the floor) and then adjust the bottle to capture the urine.

How hot does your urine have to be to pass the drug test?

between 90 and 100....just took one with my boyfriends pee in a bottle

What is the 'Pee Pee Bottle' product meant to do?

The 'Pee Pee Bottle' is designed to help toddlers urinate on-the-go, when there is not a clean bathroom available. Parents can bring the portable 'pee-pee bottle' with them and when the child has finished urinating, the bottle can be sealed and then cleaned out at a more convenient time. The pee-pee bottle works for both boys and girls.

Where on your body can you attach urine for a drug test?

For a woman, I suggest buying the smallest container of synthetic urine especially. Woman can put a bottle of fake pee in their "safe" or vagina. It will keep ur fake urine exactly body temp. Never put fake urine into a different bottle than it was bought in. May cause contamination.

What is lizard pee?

Lizard pee is the urine of a lizard.

What is scientific name for pee?

The scientific term for pee is urine.

What you mean by pee?


Names for pee?


Is urine pi?

No. It is pee.

What is a synonym for pee?