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Q: When you grow taller do your individual cells get bigger?
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Why do people grow taller?

Steroids I think people grow because are muscles get bigger!

How do you grow after 22 years old?

You don't taller or bigger but the inside does

Explain why cells divide?

Cells divide so that an individual can undergo Injury repair, make reproductive cells, and be able to grow so that the individual can also grow.

Why do you grow taller?

You grow because cells in your body are being reproduced faster tthan they are dying. COMMON SENSE!!

Growth hormones can make cells grow larger or smaller?

Cells have a correct size, they do not grow bigger or smaller. Growth hormone causes the development of new cells. You get more cells, rather than bigger cells.

What is the process that plant and animal cells grow bigger by adding cells?


What 3 environmental factors cause people to grow taller?

body cells, traits, and alleles.

Why cant ferns grow taller than mosses?

Because mosses rely on diffusion to transport water up the cells and do not have the vessels found in plant cells that allow water to be carried upwards.

How many organisms with cells grow?

The number of cells gets larger, and the organism gets bigger

How do organisms with many cells grow?

The number of cells gets larger, and the organism gets bigger

What happens to cells of a young animal as it grows?

The cell grow bigger

Difference between grow up and grow?

The differences between grow up and grow is that "grow up" usually means to grow older and "grow" can be used as telling someone they need to grow. For example, "You need to grow in order to be taller than me." It can also be used as for plants and flowers and things that grow bigger (get bigger.) I hope this answer helps!