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It depends on the language of the policy.

Some cut a check directly to you if the claim is under a certain monetary amount. But usually according to you escrow documents, the contract says the bank will need to be put on the check. If they cut a check to you mortgage company you name will also be included on the check and they will mail the check to you.

The insurance does this for many reasons, but one is, let's say you foreclose on the home and keep the insurance money; the bank will make a claim to the insurance because the bank owns the home too and they are listed as a payee as well as you. The insurance will have to pay the claim twice due to their error.

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Q: When you file a Homeowners insurance claim does insurance company cut check to you or your mortgage company?
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Does the mortgage pay homeowners insurance?

In some mortgages insurance is included in the payment, but in others it isn't. If you don't know what you have you need to check.

How do you cash check from homeowner insurance claim that includes mortgage company?

Endorse the check & send it to your Mortgage company. They will decide how much you get from it.

Can the mortgage company accept a check from the insurance company that is endorsed by 1 of the 2 payees?

If your name is on it and you have not signed it then they can not legally cash the check. I've seen someone from the mortgsge co forge the homeowners name to cash it before though.

Does homeowners insurance cover a fireplace falling through the floor?

Homeowners insurance covers many things, but not faulty construction or damage caused by deferred maintenance. You will have to check with your insurance company to see if the problem and its cause are covered.

How do you lower homeowners insurance?

You can get a burglar alarm, increase your deductible or lower you personal liability limit. As to the deductible and liability limit you'll need to check with your mortgage company as they will dictate the minimum amounts. You can also shop around other companies.

How do you get your mortgage company to endorse an insurance check if your house?

By providing them with proof that you have already made all repairs.

How do you get a license to sell homeowners insurance?

Check with you state insurance department.

Will homeowners insurance cover the loss of personal property if you're behind on your mortgage and you have a compound loan?

Most likely it will depending on what the mortgage company's policy is. The insurance policy is purchased at one time during the year, therefore it will be in place even though you are behind in mortgage payments. If your mortgage payment includes a prorated portion of the annual insurance policy and you are behind in payments at the time rewal of the policy comes up, the mortgage company will likely pay for the policy using the accumulated reserves from the past months and paying the remaining amount for you. The bank will simply charge you later when you catch up on payments or add it to the amount due in a foreclosure action. The bank protects its own interests this way too. But you should see if your mortgage bank has a policy of paying only that portion of the premium that protects the house and land and not the contents. Also check with the homeowners' insurance company and read your policy.

Does homeowners insurance pay off your mortgage if the house is lost?

Homeowners Insurance and Total Loss.It all depends on what type of coverage you have. If you have replacement coverage, The insurance will pay to rebuild your house so your mortgage continues as usual. If you are not rebuilding then it will pay your mortgage within policy limits. So it is important that you have adequate coverage on your policy.If your not rebuilding, the insurance company will generally pay the Mortgage Company first before any remaining money is disbursed to the home buyer. Usually the check is issued with both the buyer and the mortgage company as payees. You must however continue to make your monthly mortgage payment until the insurance settlement comes through. If you miss monthly payments you can wreck your credit just when you need it most.You usually will not need to pay off the mortgage yourself. The check is issued to you and the company. You send it into them, they sign off on it and send it back to you. You then endorse it to pay the contractor to keep building your new home. Meanwhile, you keep paying your mortgage. The mortgagee is only listed on the policy so they are notified if the policy is canceled so they can force place coverage on the policy because they have an insurable interest.You have the OPTION of paying it off and taking out a new mortgage to build a new home with whatever you have left over or whatever you can afford with that new mortgage.

How do I Collect the depreciation from Homeowners insurance claim?

If you want to collect the depreciation your insurance company withheld from your claim payment you must make the repairs to your home. After you make the repairs contact your insurance company and they should issue a check for the depreciation.

Where can one obtain instant homeowners insurance quotes online?

Instant homeowners insurance quotes can be obtain from most major insurance companies including Allstate and Statefarm. For most savings it is recommended to check with one's existing insurance company as they might be able to provide discounts for having other insurance policies.

How does one obtain cheap dog insurance?

To obtain cheap dog insurance check with your local homeowners insurance company and if this is not supported as part of houseownership insurance, ask for referrals. Also check with your local pet stores as pet insurance is more than likely a resource.