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could be one of two problems, when starting a diesel or any injected motor you never touch the gas pedal or you might flood the engine, the glow plugs may be weak and added fuel just renders them useless, otherwise you might have a bad fuel filter or pump.

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Q: When you are cranking my 97 gmc diesel when it cranks you try to give it a little gas but it like it has no affect it cut off and then it want crank for days what is that called?
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What is cranking of diesel engine?

it means starting of diesel engine

How do you prime a 1987 Ford F-250 diesel engine that has run out of diesel It just cranks cranks cranks.....?

I would add fuel to the tank, and then use the fuel pump relay to prime the system. Good luck. add fuel to your fuel filter and put it back on and should start. On older diesel engines dont worry about the fuel pump relay. Add clean fresh fuel to the filter and hold the pedal to the floor while cranking and it should start.(release pedal when it starts)

How do you fix a xsara Picasso with a diesel airlock?

Keep cranking it.

How do you prime a 1985 GM diesel engine that has run out of diesel It just cranks cranks cranks?

== == 1) add fuel to the tank 2) fill the filter 3) crank it for 15 seconds, wait 15 seconds 4) repeat step #3 5) repeat step #3

You have a year vectra and its taking its time to startup before 1 turn of the key no probs now its struggling any ideas?

You need to specify whether petrol or diesel. Worn spark plugs(petrol) or faulty heater plugs(diesel) can affect starting,as can the battery if the engine is not cranking fast enough or insufficient amps to provide a good spark when cranking.

What is the Starter Cranking Amp Draw on a 1989 73 Diesel?

about 600 amps

Why is there 2 batteries on a 2005 F250?

Diesel engines need more cranking power than what one battery provides.Diesel engines need more cranking power than what one battery provides.

Why are there two batteries on the diesel ford F250?

because diesel are very high compresion, it takes alot more cranking power for a diesel that a gas motor

What is the cranking amps needed for 1997 7.3 liter f250 diesel?

The battery cold cranking amps is 650 to 850 ( optional ) according to the Owner Guide and

Cold cranking amps needed for 6.5 l gmc diesel?

I've got nearly the same engine, 6.2L Chevy diesel. Cranks fine on two 875 amp batteries, but they're only rated 700 cold cranking and are just plain insufficient--can't start it at all, unless I use the block heater. I say it needs somewhere between 700 and 875 cold cranking amps per battery. OEM is two 750CCA batteries, for a total of 1500 cold cranking amps. I can testify 1750 amps fires it right up, 1400 will not spin it fast enough to start, even with a block heater. Answer General rule of thumb, on diesels get the largest CCA batteries that will fit in the space.

Is there a difference between petrol and diesel car batteries?

a battery for diesel will have more power.a petrol battery for say a ford van would have Cold Cranking Amps: 420Capacity: 45 AhThe battery for the same van but diesel would be Cold Cranking Amps: 450Capacity: 55 Ahor about 30% more power

How do you prime a diesel after runnin out of fuel?

newer diesels cycle key on and of leaving on for about 20-30sec. a few times then just keep cranking but no more that about 30sec. crank time to keep from burning up starter. older diesel you may have a hand pump or have to crack an injector line while cranking to bleed air out.