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s129 just went up about a day ago i have an account on there already planning to start a alliance pretty soon

Alliance ~BlkDrgn~

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Q: When will the next evony server go up?
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When does the new Evony server 169 open please?

4-6 weeks after the server before it has opened. Right now there is a promotion going on with Evony as you know because of Halloween. So I would have to say later this week is when it will open up.

Where is the achievement interface in evony?

Once you log into evony and it all loads up, Go to bottom right corner of the screen and click achieve

How old is evony for?

The age for evony is mostly for preteens and up. For logging in you need an email.

How do you login to evony?

Go to: Top right hand corner has boxes to put your email and password. Click "Login and Play Now!" Select the server you signed up on. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and click "Play Now!"

How do you sign up to evony age 3?

There is no Evony Age 3, only 1 and 2. Evony has released no information regarding an Age 3, so anything you do hear is strictly speculation at this time. I heard gossip in the na42 Age II server beginner chat, a staff member got online and announced open beta will be release May 6th, this Sunday.

How do you go up a title in evony-free forever?

You need to either find or buy medals to increase your title. You can find medals by attacking valleys and NPC cities.

What version is Evony?

Evony version keeps going up. Nearly every day they put out a new patch.

How to get prestige up on evony?

build alot

How do you sign up for evony age 1?

Log in through normal address and click new gamer then go back to then go to age1

How do you sign up to evony?

go to then click new comer and when you save it, you add your email address or fb account

Will the server go up and we get Queen Ant?


What the banquet server do when the guest take the meal?

Clean up and get reading for next course.