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In 1904 the Silver had to be marked with the .925 in an oval shape, with the Brittania Standard silver mark being .9584 in an oval shape. In 1973, the new Hallmarking Act dropped the decimal ( . ) from in front of the 925 and the font type changed a little, and in the case of the brittania Standard, dropped the decimal ( . ) and did away with the 4 at the end (although the diminution in value did not change) so that it became 958 in an oval.

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Q: When was sterling silver first marked as 925?
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Why is gold marked 925?

Gold isn't marked 925. Sterling silver is marked 925. That indicates 92.5% silver.

Is 925 mark on silver sterling silver?

According to policy and practice, 925 sterling silver must have be marked 925 on the item.

Can you sell gold marked 925?

Gold is not marked 925, sterling silver is. What you have is probably gold PLATED sterling.

Is 3645 on sterling silver silver?

Sterling silver is marked .925; fine silver is marked .999. It appears 3645 may be a pattern or product number.

Antique silver pitcher marked F.B.R. Taunton Massachusetts 925 with a lion passant and a cross. Is it sterling?

Yes If it is marked as 925 then it is silver

Is Brighton jewelry sterling silver?

No, unless it is marked 925 or sterling. It is another metal with a sterling overlay.

What carat gold is marked 925?

925 is mark for sterling silver sometimes gold plated

Sterling silver is pure silver true or false?

Sterling silver is sometimes marked 925. It is often marked 925 because it contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals. Pure silver is too soft to make anything useful with.

What is silver 926?

There is no such thing at silver 926. Silver marked .925 is a mark to indicate that the item is sterling silver.

Is 926 silver?

There is no such thing at silver 926. Silver marked .925 is a mark to indicate that the item is sterling silver.

Is the value of sterling silver different than 925 silver?

No. Sterling Silver is 925 Silver (they are one in the same)Sterling Silver - Sterling silver is a composition of 925 parts pure silver with 75 parts of copper

Is 925 stamped on gold?

Though gold can be stamped anything, in theory, that is silver. Most manufactured silver in the western world, and increasingly in the world is sterling. Many times it is marked as it's purity of 92.5% or .925. Gold manufacturers will avoid using 925 as not to confuse people