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Q: When was Rubye from Fetch with Ruff Ruffman born?
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What month and year was Madi from Fetch with Ruff Ruffman born?

madi was born in 1993 in august

How old is rubye from fetch?

Rubye, the golden retriever from Fetch, was born on December 14, 2016. Hence, her age varies depending on the current date.

How old is rough from fetch with rough roughman?

The age of Ruff is unknown to everyone. Ruff actually has no real age. The actor for Ruff is Jim Conroy. He was born in September, 1970 (2009:39 Years old)

When was Rubye De Remer born?

Rubye De Remer was born on January 9, 1892, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

When was Ben Ruffman born?

Ben Ruffman was born on November 25, 1976, in London, England, UK.

When was Mag Ruffman born?

Mag Ruffman was born on February 28, 1957, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Who is the youngest FETCHer ever on Fetch with Ruff Ruffman?

I don't know but here is my guesses... name of FETCHer: Taila season: 4 age:10 or 11 year of season:2009 name:Bethany season:4 age:10 or 11 year:2009 now i can guess to say how old the two girls are now... Taila: 13 or14 year might be born:1999 Bethany :13 or 14 year might be born:1999

Is it the same person that does the voice for ruff ruffman and Kenny the shark?

yes"Jim Conroy (born September 17, 1970 in Ellenville, New York) is an Emmy Nominated Voice actor and Television writer known for appearing on shows likeCelebrity Deathmatch, Kenny the Shark and FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman. He's also appeared on television and radio commercials as well as video games. He's worked for companies like WGBH, The Walt Disney Company andDiscovery Channel.Conroy started out on shows like Celebrity Deathmatch for MTV 2 and various others, he later worked on his first major role as Kenny in the animated Kenny the Shark for Discovery Kids as well as Disney Channel's Mr. Pig & Mr. Duck"

When was Franz rough born?

Franz Ruff was born in 1906.

When was Howard rough born?

Howard Ruff was born in 1931.

When was Thomas rough born?

Thomas Ruff was born in 1958.

When was Charles rough born?

Charles Ruff was born in 1939.