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Q: When to monitor weight at home for what health problems?
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Managing Your Health at Home?

It is completely possible to keep tabs on your own health at home. Invest in items that can help you manage your blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose levels. This will help you to keep tabs on your overall health. Sugar levels, blood pressure, and weight, are all used in the medical industry to determine that there may be problems. If you believe that you do have a health problem, it is imperative that you talk to your doctor.

What is the role of a home health aide?

The role of a home health aide is to help those who can not care for themselves in the home. They distribute medications, do small chores, and take care of other small health problems.

Diabetic Weight Loss?

A healthy weight is important for preventing and managing a wide array of health problems. Diabetes weight loss patients may see their blood sugar levels go down with their weight. Healthy lifestyle changes are effective.

Home apnea monitor - infants?

Alternative NamesApnea monitor for home use - infantsInformationA home apnea monitor is a portable machine used to monitor a baby's heart beat and breathing after coming home from the hospital.When the baby has a heart rate or breathing rate that is below the limits set on the monitor, an alarm goes off. The monitor is smaller and less complex than those used in the hospital.WHY IS A HOME MONITOR USED?A home monitor can be used to monitor babies who still have minor problems with breathing and heart rate. However, studies have not been able to show any benefit for babies on home monitors, so the monitors are not commonly used anymore. There may be special situations where one may be necessary, but most babies do not use home apnea monitors.Those who may be sent home with such a machine include infants who have persistent apnea or severe reflux, a family history of SIDS, or who need home oxygen or a breathing machine.HOW IS A MONITOR PLACED?Stick-on patches (electrodes) or a belt will be attached to the baby's chest or stomach. A home nursing company usually teaches parents how to use the monitor, and provides support for the monitor as well. The length of time the monitor is needed depends on how many real alarms go off. The average length of home monitoring is about 2-3 months.WHAT ARE THE RISKS OF A MONITOR?Monitors are electrical instruments that can fail when the power is out, or if there is some electrical problem. There is no risk to the baby in these cases. There may be some skin irritation from the stick-on electrodes, but this is usually mild.ReferencesSilvestri JM. Indications for Home Apnea Monitoring (or Not).Clin Perinatol. 2009;36(1):87-99(Rev).

Can I use my lcd tv monitor with my home computer?

Yes, you can indeed use your lcd monitor with your home computer. It is very popular.

What has the author Anthony Chia-Cheun Tam written?

Anthony Chia-Cheun Tam has written: 'Design of a home-based machine vision system to monitor the functional health of an occupant'

What are the side effects of accidentally breathing in escaped fridge freezer gases?

fridge is home mortuary in increse many health problems

What kind of home business can you start with a public health degree?

Home business can be either providing a service to or from home or a product. Anything health related - offer services on dieting and nutrition such as meal planning, weight loss, senior health care, etc You can build a website based on your knowledge and earn income from advertising or affiliate links on your site

What has the author Victor G Daniels written?

Victor G. Daniels has written: 'Home doctor' -- subject(s): Health 'Guide to common health problems' -- subject(s): Diseases, Health, Medicine, Preventive, Preventive Medicine 'Guide to prescribing'

What are some home remedies for weight loss?

There are many home remedies that claim to help people lose weight, but none of them are proven as a single 'cure' for weight problems. Some are foods, but others are available as supplements. These include green tea, chilosan, fish oil, L-Glutamine, and Reishi Mushrooms.

How much does a CCTV monitor cost?

The cost of a home security monitor for your property all depends on what model and brand you purchase. The average home security monitor will cost around $500.00.

Should schools offer fast food options like mecdonalds or tocobell?

No. For many students the only balanced meal is at school and they eat fast food as their main source of food at home. Considering the health problems of many children today it is the job of the educational system to try to insure that student's do get good meals. Many children today have the same health problems that older adults have with weight and diabetes conditions. Nutrition does affect learning and development in children.