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You should definitely wear an athletic supporter anytime you need a protective cup, so sports where you might get hit. But you should also wear an athletic supporter for non contact sports like running to keep from bouncing and twisting.

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Q: When should you wear an athletic supporter?
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Should boys wear an Athletic Supporter for Horseback Riding?

Yes, it would be a good idea. An athletic supporter keeps your genitals in place and prevents bouncing and twisting.

What is an athletic supporter?

An athletic supporter is an alternative name for a jockstrap, or a cheerleader or booster of a sports team.

What is an athletic protector?

An athletic protector is an alternative name for a jockstrap or athletic supporter.

What is a formal term for a jock strap?

athletic supporter

Why wear an athletic supporter?

An athletic supporter or jockstrap supports mens or boys genitals against their body, preventing injury to the testicles and providing comfort during strenuous athletics. Supporters are also used to hold an athletic cup for use during contact sports, which protect the genitals from contact with other players or thrown or hit balls or pucks (as in baseball, lacrosse, hockey, etc.).

What does a matador wear under his suit of lights?

He wears normal underwear, some may wear an athletic supporter.

What does a referee wear for ball hockey?

Striped shirt, black pants, athletic shoes, eye protection if necessary, and most importantly if you are a male a protective cup with supporter.

Is it nessesary to wear supporter while running for men?

no i dont know how to wear and i dont know the benefits to wear the supporter

Why one should wear atheletic supporter?

to avoid serious injury to the groin area

Do we have to wear a supporter while doing pushups?

You do not necessarily have to wear a supporter while doing push-ups.

Should girl wear a cup supporter?

Only! if want to show people that she got bigger breasts. Normally only girls with small breasts are using cup supporter. It is unnecessary for a girl to wear a cup or a supporter -- unless she has testicles! She would be a strange kind of girl then...

When wearing an athletic supporter is the narrow end facing up or down?