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Q: When should you elevate the head and shoulders?
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should i buy head and shoulders for dry hair or a different brand?

Head and shoulders is actually reall good for dry hair. I have used it on mine and it works great. There are different brands available but head and shoulders is the better one.

What kind of soap should you use to wash hair?

Head and shoulders

Is the head superior to the shoulders?

YesThe head is superior to the shoulders. The head is on top of the shoulders which is connected.

What are the Esperanto words for head and shoulders?

The Esperanto words for head and shoulders are kapo and sultrojn.

What is that phrase meaning 'levelheaded' something to do with head between shoulders?

You are looking for "has a good head on their shoulders."

What should you do for head injuries?

Lay the person down and elevate their head and feet above the heart. then apply gauze with pressure to stop the bleeding and apply bandages.

What sentence do you write for the idiomatic expression To have an old head on young shoulders?

He has an old head on young shoulders.

What does it mean when a guy says his head is on his shoulders while texting you?

"My head is on my shoulders" means they are thinking right, they have their head in the right place.

What shampoo dandruff is better Garnier or head and shoulders?

headd and shoulders

When was Put Your Head on My Shoulders created?

Put Your Head on My Shoulders was created on 2000-02-13.

What supports head and shoulders claims that it is the best shampoo to use?

in studies conducted by head & shoulders' parent company proctor & gamble, head & shoulders is the #1 anti-dandruff shampoo 100% of the time.

Why is head and shoulders called head and shoulders?

The company is saying the quality of their shampoo stands "head and shoulders" above their competition. It is a saying, when something is markedly better than the average, the way a very tall man is outstanding in a group of ordinary men, standing "head and shoulders" taller than they are.