When should amongst be used?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: When should amongst be used?
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When should you use amongst?

amongst is the british standard spelling. if you are an american and live in american stay away from amongst and just say among

When should you use amongst or among?

This is a matter of taste and preference. Many consider 'amongst' to be archaic and sanctimonious. Among will work just fine.

When should you use the word 'amongst'?

When you are talking about being with three or more people.

When to use among us and when to use amongst us?

They are interchangable, however, among is more commonly used in American English.

What is asbestes used for?

It's pretty much phased out now. used to be used for insulation & brake pads amongst other things.

Should you go out with this boy?

No, he has herpes amongst other disgusting sti's, he also has an enlarged scrotum

What aircraft are used to fly from Manchester to mallorca?

Monarch A321s and Airbus 320s amongst others.

Why would running out of Gallium be a problem?

It is used in computer/tv screens, amongst other things.

What rhymes with amongst?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word amongst.

Does chip mean championship?

yes. it's often used to shorten championship amongst sports fans

How do you use amongst us correctly?

He is amongst us in the fight.

When was Amongst Barbarians created?

Amongst Barbarians was created in 1990.