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Most personal auto policies provide coverage for the rental of a temporary substitute vehicle (such as when you are traveling or your car is being repaired).

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Q: When renting a car should you use your own insurance or purchase the rental insurance?
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Do I need insurance for a Bus Rental ?

The company you are renting the bus from should have the insurance. You do not need to purchase insurance from a separate company.

Should i get rental insurance?

Rental insurance is a very wise insurance to have. This can cover loss and damage just like a regular home insurance even though you are only renting.

Where would an American be able to purchase European breakdown insurance for their vehicle?

If an American is visiting Europe and renting a vehicle, breakdown insurance should be available for purchase through the rental agency. Europeans can apply for breakdown insurance from their country's automobile association so Americans who reside in Europe should consider that option as well.

While my regular car insurance cover a rental car too?

This will depend specifcally on your particlar insurance policy. While it is common place to have rental coverage with a full covrage policy,you should verify this information before renting a car.

How To Save Money On Car Rental?

The best car rental rates are found on the weekends. Search online to compare rental car companies prices. Renting a car on the weekend will save you almost 50 percent off the regular rental price. The very best rates are found by renting a car weekly. Weekly rental car rates are offered by national rental car companies. When renting a car for more than five days, you should choose the weekly rate to save money. Check with your insurance company before you buy extra rental car insurance. In most cases, your insurance policy covers rental cars. Save money by reserving your rental car at least one week in advance. Renting a car at the airport will cost you more money because of taxes and fees.

What insurance should you buy when renting a car?

mostly you should be covered by the renting agency's insurance for the drivers of their cars. Please check

Do I need rental car insurance on my rental?

Find out first if your own insurance will cover you in the rental care. If so, you don't need rental insurance. Also, it is wise to take the time to choose the type of rental insurance you want should you decide to purchase it. Here is some good reading information on that:

What insurance do landlords need?

Landlords can purchase landlord or rental property insurance to protect their properties. A landlord insurance should cover the building and any contents that are the property of the landlord.

Will my liability insurance be sufficient for car rentals?

In general this depends upon the value of your current car. If you have a new car that's approximately the same value as the car you are renting then your car insurance is usually sufficient. If your own car is significantly less valuable than the rental then your own insurance will probably be insufficient and you should get more coverage on the rental. Since the Rental Agency has your credit card number and might potentially charge you for anything your insurance didn't cover you should do your research. It's usually best to have your own insurance ammended to cover rental cars.

Why should one get a travel car insurance?

Travel car insurance, more commonly referred to as rental car insurance, covers the costs if a rental car is damaged or stolen. One should purchase this insurance if they do not already have coverage through their own personal car insurance policy or through the credit card they are using to rent the car.

Where do you purchase inexpensive insurance for a rental car?

== == Can you answer this question, providing useful price comparisons and the like based on your own experience, WITHOUT advertising a service you yourself provide? I haven't heard of insurance companies having a policy that relates just for rental cars. My suggestion is if your personal insurance doesn't not cover a rental car, to get it directly from the rental car company that you rent from. Should you buy insurance for a rental car? No, if you already have insurance on a car you currently own, it will also cover rental cars

What kind of insurance should I get to protect myself when driving a rental car?

Generally your major credit card will cover you in a rental vehicle. If you want to be extra saf or have a feeling something's gonna happen, you can purchase additional insurance from the rental company, though this is generally considered unnecessary.