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Yes, In fact you are required to get your own home insurance when you buy a home. You can not inherit the previous owners insurance policy.

The previous owners insurance is null and void the moment they sell the home.

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Q: When purchasing a new home can you get your own homeowners insurance?
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Can you carry renters insurance over to a new home?

Renters Insurance doe snot cover "Real Property". If you have purchased a home then you need a Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Are homeowners warranties a good idea when purchasing a new home?

I would think they are essential when purchasing a used home. In the case of a new home, see if it is already under a builder's warranty. If not, you may want to buy extra protection.

Can homeowners insurance cover a new heater if faulty?

No, but if you have a home warranty policy that policy may cover it.

Does homeowners insurance cover cat damage to new furniture?

No, Your home insurance policy will not cover normal and expected damages that result from our choice of pet.

How can you get your homeowners insurance to pay for new carpet?

You can't.

Does homeowners insurance stay with property or homeowner when he moves?

Homeowners insurance is NOT transferable. It will not follow the Homeowner to a new property nor will it cover the home for the new owner. If the homeowner sells or vacates the home or transfers ownership by other means the policy is null and void at the moment the property changes hands whether or not the Insurance company has been notified. A new owner must qualify for their own insurance policy based on their own merits.

Will homeowners insurance cover a new sewer line?


Will your homeowner insurance pay for your house and build you a new one?

If your homeowners Insurance Policy has "Replacement Valuation", It will pay the cost to rebuild your home. If you bought an ACV policy, then it will only pay you the current value of your home.

What home insurances does the Commerce Insurance Group offer?

The Commerce Insurance Group offers automobile, homeowners, personal umbrella, earthquake and flood and business insurance. These insurances can be purchased by anyone in Massachusetts or New Hampshire.

Are rental homes protected under homeowners insurance policies?

No. In the united States, Homeowners Insurance polices are Null and Void at the moment your home is rented unless you have had the policy endorsed for rental property coverage. This is often referred to as "Landlords Insurance" and requires a different policy form known a "Dwelling Policy". Most Insurers will simply cancel the old Homeowners policy and issue a new "Dwelling Policy" form to cover you as this is the appropriate policy form. Your landlord's insurance policy, or "Dwelling Policy" will cover your rented home. It is certainly possible to have property and liability insurance on a rented property but not on a traditional homeowners Insurance policy form.

Can homeowners insurance be replaced by another insurance?

If you are required to carry homeowners insurance by, say, the bank through which you have your loan, you can switch to another provider for insurance at any time (there are a few forms you would need to fill out, but your new agent would be able to help you with that). You wouldn't be able to switch to another kind of insurance, though. The new policy would need to be a homeowners policy.

What reason willl home owners insurance pay for a new furnace?

If a broken pipe caused water to go in the furance and it no longer works is an example. Your homeowners insurance will not pay for wear and tear.