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Q: When people expect to get better they often do?
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What occasions do people expect to receive a gift for?

People expect to receive a gift for Christmas (or Chanukah), their Birthday and often minor holidays like Easter, Halloween and Valentine's Day if you are in a relationship.

Who said people don't do what you expect but what you inspect?

The saying, 'People don't do what you expect but what you inspect,' is often credited to Dr. Henry Brandt. However, many say the quote is a revision of an old adage.

When you turn your head?

People often turn their head to hear better or look at things better,

Make five sentence with expect?

You can make a few sentences from the word expect. The 5 sentences you can make are: I expect you to do better, I expect you to have your homework, I expect you to listen to me, I expect you to do your chores and I expect you to go to sleep.

It was often difficult for people to better their position in colonial society?


What is the closest cruise port to fort Meyers?

Assuming you mean Fort Meyers Florida, Tampa is your closest port. What's the point of the question? Fort Lauderdale or Miami are only 20/30 miles further, but, typically, I'd expect better cruise rates out of the biggies than Tampa. Another assumption, often wrong, many people make, is the closer the better. As often as not, this is not the case. You would do better to select your destination and then find a ship.

What can one expect to pay for a Pioneer Amplifier?

One can expect to pay above 100 USD for a decent one, with an acceptable amplifying rate. The price differs depending on the quality of the sound and the better quality often costs a small sum extra.

How much can a person expect to pay for laser eye treatments?

Depending on where you have laser eye treatment done and who performs it you can expect to pay between $3000 to $7000 for both eyes. Doctors who have more experience will often do a better job but will also charge more.

How often can I expect to have to replace my ink cartridges?

It depends on how often you will be printing things out and what you are printing. If you are printing pictures, then expect to replace your ink cartridges fairly regularly.

People find that when they seek treatment for disorders?

They often feel much better 🥰

Is it reasonable for Percy to expect gods to behave better?


What happens if people drink alcohol?

They get drunk if they consume too much. If they consume it in moderation they can expect to have better health and greater longevity than if they abstain.