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the virus is active when they are inside living things (host cell)

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Q: When is the only time that viruses are active?
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Viruses are only active when?

They are active only when they are inside a living host cell.

What are the active viruses?

Active viruses are causing a disease at this time. Some can become dormant for a time and can be reactivated. Examples are cold sores and shingles.

What do latent viruses not do?

They are not active and do not make new viruses.

How do you treat viruses?

Remaining healthy is important if a person wishes to live longer, or be active for longer periods of time. Viruses are very tricky to treat, because they live within blood cells, there are only few antiviral medications around.

What is active viruses?

when a virus enters a cell and is active, it cause the host cell to make new viruses, which destroy the host cell.

What are types of hidden and active viruses?

Hidden viruses include rootkits, bootkits, and stealth viruses that hide their presence on a system to evade detection. Active viruses include file infectors, macro viruses, and polymorphic viruses that infect files or use different code patterns to avoid detection.

How many viruses are there for the Macintosh computers?

There are no active viruses that affect Mac OS X.

Does unitedairlinescom have viruses? is as safe as any other reputable travel website. The airlines says their site is very secure and at current time do not have any active viruses related to their site.

When are viruses active?

When it is inside a living cell.

How do hidden viruses differ from active viruses?

an active virus enters a cell and is active it causes the host cell to make new viruses, which destroy the host cell. a latent viruses is some viruses may be latent viruses. a latent virus enters a cell and its hereditary material may become part of the cell's hereditary materials.

What is the difference between active virus and latent virus?

A hidden virus is known in the words in its name "HIDDEN virus". It hides and stays inactive. The active virus is also known in its name too "ACTIVE virus". The two viruses have different ways on spreading it own kind throughout the host or hosts.

What are the viruses that attack Mac operating systems?

There are no active viruses that attack Mac OS X.