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Q: When is paint most hazardous to human health while it is in the can?
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Will it harm the baby if you hold it when. On ecstasy?

It could be very hazardous to the babies health if your taking such drigs while it is still in the womb.

What are importance of industrial hygiene in relation to health?

Industrial Hygiene is a profession that seeks to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control exposure to hazardous agents in the workplace so that employees can maintain their health while working with or near hazardous agents such as chemicals, noise, radiation, etc.

Can you eat a toothbrush?

While humans can eat many things that are inedible like toothbrushes, it is not recommended and highly discouraged simply because it is hazardous to ones health and can be fatal.

Compare and contrast the purpose of the hazcom standard and the superfund act what is each designed to do?

The purpose of Hazard Communication Standard is proper evaluation of the hazardous material at the workplaces to ensure health of the employers and the employees while Superfund Act is concerned with the cleanup of the hazardous waste site.

In Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker are you able to smoke while playing?

You can't make your character smoke while playing, but Snake pulls out his cigar during some cutscenes. Otherwise, you can always ACTUALLY smoke while playing, but that's hazardous to your health.

When and why does OSHA want you to monitorer for hazardous atmosphere in enclosed spaces?

OSHA requires monitoring for hazardous atmospheres in enclosed spaces before you enter them and while you are in them (if there is an y chance of a hazardous atmosphere developing). They require this to prevent hazardous atmospheres from killing people.

What happens if you smell spray paint too long?

It depends on the type of paint ... if it is modern spray paint (without lead) and is already applied than you are fine ... if it has lead, it won't be very long before your health is affected. But what you don't want to do is take the thing and put your nose near the nozzle and smell it while spraying because all the chemicals are coming out and that's harmful to your health.

Are van Allen belts hazardous?

Only if you plan to live there for a while :) Are they hazardous, the micro wave above us is for our protection, like the bars on a baby's crib, they keep the baby from falling out, are they Hazardous? only if they are not there! Is the Van Allen Belt hazardous to life? YES!

Are hazardous materials hazardous substances and hazardous wastes all the same thing?

A Hazardous Waste is any material that is subject to the EPA's Hazardous Waste Manifest specified in 40CFR262. A Hazardous Substance - is any material listed as having Reportable Quantities Pursuant to Section 311 of the Clean Water Act (40CFR117.3) A Hazardous Material is any material or object that meets the any of the definitions of Hazard Classes in 49 CFR or that is listed in the Hazardous Materials Table at 49CFR172.101

Can a human survive without any human contact?

Human contact is essential for emotional well-being and mental health. Prolonged isolation can lead to negative consequences such as loneliness, depression, and cognitive decline. While a person may physically survive without human contact, their overall health and quality of life would likely deteriorate without social interaction.

Why is recyling of hazardous materials important?

Management of toxic metals is important for various reasons. Many metals have a long soil half-life, which means that their toxicity stays active for a long time. It also means that there is potential for cumulative effects of the metals if they are buried or dumped in the same site in quantity or over time. As some metals have been proven to have detrimental impacts on animal and human health, it is imperative that they are disposed of in such a way to impose minimum risk.

Is paint combustible?

Oh yes, paint thinner is flammable. Do not smoke while you are painting.