When is Kakashi's Birthday?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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His birthday is September 15, and im guessing that the year is around 1982. The official fanbook only says that his birthday is sept 15 and that he is 26 years old.

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kakashi's birthday is September 15

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Q: When is Kakashi's Birthday?
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What is Kakashis birthday?

september 15

What is Kakashis greatest secret?

His face

What Kakashis hair color?

Grey or White.

What is the name of the arc that covers Kakashis past?

kakashi chronicles

Is rin from Kakashis team still alive after obitos death?

No, she is dead.

Is Kakashis teamate rin dead?

Yes she is dead, but noone knows how.

Is Kakashis face revealed in the Movie Naruto The Last?

No. It is not shown in the movie

What is kakashis second name of naruto?

Kakashi's full name is : Hetake, Kakashi

Who is Kakashis's mother?

She's unkown, but it's stated in the manga that she died very young.

Kakashis dads name?

Sakumo Hatake (or Hatake Sakumo) is Kakashi's father.

What happened to Kakashis teamate rin?

She is dead, but noone knows how she died.

Do they mention anything about Kakashis eye in the earlier series of Naruto?

yes in book 27 it tells the story of how he got it