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January 14th

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Q: When is Frankie sandfords birthday?
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Who is Frankie Sandfords Sister?

Frankie Sandfords sister is Victoria Sandford.

What is Frankie sandfords phone number?


Who is Frankie sandfords ex?

Dougie Poynter from McFly

What is Frankie Sandfords dog called?

Presley and Pixie

Who is Frankie sandfords boyfriend?

She is dating footballer Wayne Bridge.

What was Frankie Sandfords job before the saturdays?

she was in a band called s club 8

What is Frankie Sandfords mother and father name?

Viv sandford (mother) and kevin sandford (father)

What was Frankie Sandfords job after S club 8 but before The Saturdays?

She worked as a bartender, and in a clothes shop

Is Frankie sandfords hairstyle easy to do?

I wud go to a hairdresser and ask them to style it for u, den u can ask them if its easy to do

What is Frankie cacozza's birthday?

Frankie Cacoza's birthday is on the 18th of January, we are not sure what year.

What is Francesca sandfords favrouite coulor?


What is Frankie Lymon's birthday?

Frankie Lymon was born on September 30, 1942.