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Sonny with a chance has already started. The series is HILARIOUS!!!

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Q: When is Demi Lovato's new show Sonny With a Chance coming to Disney channel?
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When is Sony with a chance coming back on Disney channel?

So-random is Disney's new Sony with a chance.

When is falling for the falls in Sonny With a Chance coming to Disney channel?

it was either feb. 14 or will be march 14

What happend with Sonny With a Chance on Disney channel?

It went off-air because they were coming out with "So Random".. and it was what they made sketches for in "Sonny With A Chance"

When is the next Sonny With a Chance episode coming out?

You have to watch the ads on Disney Channel and sometimes it will tell you when the next episode will be on.

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When is the Jonas Brothers new coming show J.O.N.A.S going to air on Disney Channel?

May 2009It is on Disney Channel.

How can you from Norway become a Disney channel actor or actress like Miley Cyrus?

by coming to the US and auditioning for Disney Channel.

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Teletoon and Disney Channel both have My Babysitter's a Vampire on it.

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Type your answer here... yes,hsm3 keeps coming on Disney channel that too very often

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