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Self-serving bias

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Q: When insurance companies ask their clients the casue of the accident they usually place blame on some environmental factor this behavior illustrates what concept?
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When insurance companies ask their clients the cause of the accident they usually place blame on some environmental factor This behavior illustrates what concept?

The attribution of an occurrence to environmental factors, outside of the control of the insured, is generally referred to as an Act of God.

When insurance companies ask their clients the cause of the accident they usually place blame on some environmental factor?

Self-serving bias

What companies offer accident forgiveness insurance?

Allstate, Liberty Mutual, GEICO, and Nationwide offer accident insurance to customers seeking accident insurance.

How do insurance companies know you had an accident?

1) Your insurance company receives your driving record from your DMV. If you are in an accident and it is reported to the police, they will add that accident to your driving record. 2) When you are in an auto accident, the insurance companies of everyone involved are notified when people submit claims.

Where can I find a list of accident insurance companies?

An accident insurance company is basically any insurance company- since thats what they are made for- accidents. Well known insurance companies are Geico, State Farm, and Nationwide.

Where can one find information regarding Maryland accident insurance?

One can find more information about Maryland accident insurance by visiting the brand name insurance companies like Allstate and GEICO. Alternatively, one can look at flyers for accident insurance companies in Maryland.

What companies provide boating accidents insurance?

Companies that provide boating accident insurance include Statefarm and All-state. You can apply for insurance from these companies online from their official websites.

Whose insurance should you call after an accident?

After an accident, all parties involved with the accident should exchange insurance information. Typically, the insurance companies will talk to each other about repairs and cost.

Where sells accident and health insurance?

There are a number of companies that sell accident and health insurance to consumers. Some companies offering this service include Provident, Bupa, Aetna Health and Humana.

Which companies offer car accident insurance?

There are numerous companies that offer car accident insurance, and some of them are more popular than others. Two very commonly used companies are State Farm and All State.

Which insurance companies are based in California?

There are four insurance companies based in California. Accident and health insurance companies include Blue Shield of California and State Compensation Insurance Fund. Property and casualty insurance companies include Esurance and CoverHound.

If you change insurance companies after an accident does the prior insurance company still have to handle the claim?