When does wolfquest 3 come out?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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There are currently no plans for an episode 3 of WolfQuest.

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Q: When does wolfquest 3 come out?
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When does wolfquest 2.5 come out?

The Wolfquest is hopeful that Wolfquest 2.5 will come out in mid to late September, but it will probably come out in early to mid October.

Is WolfQuest 3 out?

Yes it will be a wolf quest 3,i think it will come out at 7th April.

Does wolfquest come with viruses?

The game WolfQuest does not have any viruses.

When will wolfquest 3 game come out?

The previous person was mistaken...wolfquest 2.5 came out in Sept. 2011. They haven't mentioned when 3 is coming out, if it ever will. P.S. I wrote this in Aug. 2012

When will WolfQuest 3 come out?

It comes out this month (January 2011)it will be out be for the year is over i can only hope

When will WolfQuest 2 come out and where can I buy it?

downloading wolf quest 2 is free and it already came out, wolfquest version 3 comes out on April 7 2011, Thanks and goodbye

When is the wolfquest 3 coming up?

It is unknown if WolfQuest 3 is even going to be coming out.

Are were wolves in wolfquest 3?

actually, there is no ep three. not even in the planning, but 2.5 might come out soon

When does the secend game of wolfQuest come out?

Late 2009 The second Wolfquest doesnt come out till Late August in 2009 Edit: WolfQuest 2 doesn't come out till mid OCTOBER early NOVEMBER 2009. ~WolfWhisper

When will wolfquest 4 come out?

It is currently unknown when/if a new version of WolfQuest will be released, due to funding.

How do you download Wolfquest 2.5?

you can wait for it to come out

When exactly will wolfquest episode 3 come out?

I'm not sure what you mean by "episode". If you are referring to WolfQuest 3, there is no release date. They don't have enough funding to even fix glitches for 2.5, let alone make an entirely new version of the game. If you are referring to WolfQuest 2.5, It is already released and you can download it for free from the website.