When does wolfquest 2.5 come out?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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The Wolfquest is hopeful that Wolfquest 2.5 will come out in mid to late September, but it will probably come out in early to mid October.

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Q: When does wolfquest 2.5 come out?
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Does wolfquest come with viruses?

The game WolfQuest does not have any viruses.

When does wolfquest 3 come out?

There are currently no plans for an episode 3 of WolfQuest.

When does the secend game of wolfQuest come out?

Late 2009 The second Wolfquest doesnt come out till Late August in 2009 Edit: WolfQuest 2 doesn't come out till mid OCTOBER early NOVEMBER 2009. ~WolfWhisper

When will wolfquest 4 come out?

It is currently unknown when/if a new version of WolfQuest will be released, due to funding.

How do you download Wolfquest 2.5?

you can wait for it to come out

How come the ground is yellow on wolfquest?

The ground is yellow on Wolfquest because it is scrub land and it is all dry. from WolfGal

When does the second level come on wolfquest?

Late 2009

Is there a wolfquest 2.5?

wolfquest will come out in September or October. i can not wait yes there is going to be one. there is going to siting and sleeping. snow sunrise and sundown. its going to be awesome. we will have to wait for it to come out before we get all the information. your wolfquest player shadow/crystalbethany/Emma

When will spring come on WolfQuest?

On WolfQuest 2.5.1 when you get to Slough creek with your mate find your land mark it then wait few mins then its spring

When does wolfquest slough creek come out?

it is already out now it came out in march 2010 and soon wolfquest 2.5 is coming out in march 2011

What day in November does wolfquest 2 come out?

around the 17th

Where can you download wolfquest 2.5?

WolfQuest 2.5 isnt out yet, but it's supposed to come out in late september, and when it does just go to and you can download it.