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Gonorrhea will not leave the body until it is treated with antibiotics.

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Q: When does gonorrhea leave your body?
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What are some symptoms of gonorrhea?

Some of the symptoms of gonorrhea include feeling sick and also a red rash on various parts of the body. It can also mean the patient gets headaches from time to time.

How do excess minerals leave the body?

minerals leave the body from sweat

Which organs does air leave the body?

Air leave the body from organs called the lungs.

Where do sperm cells leave the man's body?

Sperm leave a man's body through the penis.

What is the opening through which feces leave the body?

the anus is the opening through which feces leave the body

At what part does sperm leave the body through?

Sperm leave the body through the urethra. The same place that urine also leaves the body.

Can you leave your body?

ofcourse, not...

How urine leave the body?

it leaves your body through the urethra

How long will this pelvic imflamatory disease take to leave out of your body?

How long does it take for a pelvic imflamatory disease to leave your body

The is the type tube urine travels through to leave the body?

Urine travels through the urethra to leave the body. The urethra connects the bladder to the exterior of the body.

Is gonnoreha coorleated to HIV?

Gonorrhea and HIV have the same risk factors. Patients with HIV should be tested annually for gonorrhea. All patients with gonorrhea should be tested for HIV.

Where does urine leave the body?

The urethra