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ages 9-16 some people also may start there period as early as 10 or some late as 16 hope that helped!!

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Q: When do you usually start your period?
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How long before your period do you get signs of having a period?

Usually you get PMS symptoms about a week before your period is due to start.

When should a girl start there period?

Girls usually get their first period between the ages of 11-15.

When should you start your birth control if you started your period 2 days ago?

The doctors usually say to start the pill the Sunday after your last period.

Can you start birth control during your period?

Yes you can start birth control while on your period. Usually your doctor will tell you to start on a Sunday so it's easier to remember when you first started your pack.If you get your period on the Sunday you start you still start on birth control.

What does it mean if you usually start your period on the day you start your sugar pills but your last period didn't start until 4 days into sugar pills?

This sometimes happens with birth control.

When does your period start while on birth control?

Your period usually starts from Tuesday to Thursday after taking the reminder pills.

Is it ok if you have start your perido when you were 9?

Yes it's fine to start your period when you were nine because usually girls start their periods at age 8 to age 12. Yes it's fine to start your period when you were nine because usually girls start their periods at age 8 to age 12.

When you get on birth control what will it do to your period?

usually you will start the pill the Sunday after your period begins. this will regulate your period so you will get it about the same time each month

When do you start your period after ovulation?

14-16 days after the start of your period.

How start birth control?

Usually pills are started on the first SUNDAY after your period.

When does period start after stopping progyluton?

Periods usually start within 3-7 days after stopping progyluton.

When will i start my period in 2 months i will be 15 i am also still flat chested?

usually you start your period one too two years after breast development begins.