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Q: When do you get your period after mucus?
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How long before your period do you get mucus?

The snot like mucus is called the cervical mucus. If a woman has a 28 day cycle, then her period will normal start 14 days after the cervical mucus appears.

Why do you have mucus stools the day before your period?

Mucus in the stools before a period could signal a condition such as irritable bowel syndrome. It may also be hormone related.

Is it normal to have cervical mucus everyday and not just before your period?

Yes. You have cervical mucus everyday and it also changes everyday.

Is clear mucus coming out when you pee a sign of your period for a female?


Mucus period one month no period the next month?

see a doctor even if you are on birth control there is a chance of getting pregnant and the mucus you had could have been from the baby attaching itself to your uterus.

No cervical mucus just before period means not pregnant?

no true

Is it normal to have a period with a lot of vaginal mucus?

Yes, it seems this way.

Is it normal to have mucus just before your period starts?

Haha. You have the CLAP hoe.

Is it normal to have mucus in period bleed?

The fluid can be watery or have some clots, passing some mucus is normal but it should mainly be blood that was built up on the uterus.

How long after the white mucus comes does it take for someone to get their actual period?

about 2 weeks

What is a sign you are going to have your period soon?

For most girls a thick, white mucus will form on your underwear a few months before your period

What does mean when red muscus comes before your period?

Red mucus is just spotting before your period is about to start. There is normally mucus that plugs-up the opening to the cervix and around menstruation it can be carried out with menstrual flow, the blood is your menstrual flow.