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Most girls will start their periods between the ages of 11 and 14. It can start earlier or later than that though.

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Q: When do girls usually get their periods?
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When do girls usually get there periods?

About age 14, but they can get it at anytime. It is usually towards the beginning or middle of puberty.

How old would people be when they start there periods?

Girls usually at 10-12 and boys usually at 12-13.

When do a girl get her period?

Girls usually start their periods between ages 11 and 15 but its different for everybody. There's really no definite answer but girls have usually started by the time they are 16.

When do you get periods?

Most girls get their periods every 23-29 days. This starts with puberty which begins when you are around 10-15 (usually not 10 though lol) Hope this helps ^^

How girls got periods?

Girls have had periods since well, ever! A period is when blood is realised out of a girls vagina. That's it basically

Is it ok if you have start your perido when you were 9?

Yes it's fine to start your period when you were nine because usually girls start their periods at age 8 to age 12. Yes it's fine to start your period when you were nine because usually girls start their periods at age 8 to age 12.

What process happens last during puberty?

For Girls it is usually Menstruation, periods begining. For boys it is generally the voice deepening.

When could girls have their periods?

It all depends on the girl, everyone is different. Usually though between the ages of 12 and 16.

Do lesbian girls get periods?

Periods have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Lesbians are just as capable of menstruating as straight girls.

Do all girls start there periods?

Yes all girls start there periods between the ages of 9-16

Is life of a girl harder than a boy's?

Girls. They have unfair treatment and around the age of 12, they have periods and periods are MISERY AND HORRIBLE. Girls get periods when their hormones start changing so they bleed out of their private for a few days a month. Itโ€™s normal but they usually get very embarrassed so donโ€™t laugh at them or anything. Try to help them.

Can boys change girls periods?