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Q: When did the Janesville General Motors plant close?
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When was General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant created?

General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant was created in 1987.

In 1997 auto workers called a strike at which plant?

- General Motors

Who is the manufacturer American sports cars fiat or General Motors?

It would have to be GM, cause Fiat is Italian. The Corvette is manufacture in Ky at a General Motors plant.

What was the result of a sit down strike at an important general motors plant in flint Michigan in the mid 1930s?

General Motors recognized the united automobile workers union

What was the result of the sit down strike at an important general motors plant in flint michigan in the mid 1930s?

General Motors recognized the United Automobile Workers Union.

What was the technique used by strikers at the general motors plant in Flint Michigan?

It was the called the sit-down strike.

What was the first year that the Chevrolet Malibu was made and what plant was it in?

In 1964, the first Chevrolet Malibu was completed. This model was manufactured at the General Motors plant in the United States.

Who owns the plant in ramos arizpe Mexico where the Saturn vue is manufactured?

General Motors corporation still owned and operated the plant in Ramos Arizpe Mexico as of today.

Where is GMC manufacturing plant located?

GMC is not an independent company, it is a division of General Motors. Its cars are manufactured in GM factories in few countries:Canada (Ingersoll, Ottawa; Oshawa, Ontario)Mexico (Silao)Russian Federation (Kaliningrad)Thailand (Rayong)United States (Arlington, TX; Janesville, WI; Wentzville, MO; Shreveport, LA; Pontiac, MI; Flint, MI; Fort Wayne, IN)Venezuela (Caracas)

Where was the 2007 GMC Yukon Denali manufactured?

The Yukon Denali is manufactured by the General Motors corporation under the GMC brand. The Yukon Denali line of top-of-the-line heavy trucks has been manufactured in the General Motors Arlington Assembly plant, in Arlington, Texas.

What does the acronym NUMMI stand for?

NUMMI is an acronym for the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. plant, a car manufacturing plant in California previously owned by General Motors and Toyota. It was closed in 2010, but later reopened that year by Tesla Motors and is now called the Tesla Factory. Tesla Motors is a Sillicon Valley-based electric car manufacturer.

Why does the GDP exclude foreign production by a General Motors plant in Mexico?

Because it was produced in Mexico; therefore such production is counted for Mexico and not for the United States.