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He lost his virginity at the age of 14. there was a video that the interviewer said that he had s£x with 25 girls. which was not true at all. People think that he has had s£x with 25 girls but the only reason why they think that is because Tom once said “I had been with around 25 girls” which makes people think that he has had s£x with 25 girls. but in that interview, Tom was so sad and looking like he was about to cry because of what that interviewer had said in front of 200+ people. And Bill, when he was younger, he was at the pool with his twin brother tom. When they were there, These older kids thought he was a girl because of his looks. I’m not saying he looked like a girl because he is very handsome. But when they found out he wasn’t a girl they took him to a room at the pool. Pulled his pants dow, and saw he wasn’t a girl so they r@ped him. So i feel terribly bad for Tom and Bill. And I hope they have a great rest of their life🙁

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dude what :/
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Well, i remember that there was an interview (on TV, u can find it on YouTube) that Tom was saying "of course, Bill's a virgin" and Bill blushed and said " yeah..."

So from that I'm guessing that he's still haven't done sex yet.

(Sorry for my English, I'm from Israel)

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Q: When did bill kaulitz lose his virginity?
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