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Einstein did not discover electricity. He did discover the Photo Electric Effect which earned him a Nobel Prize.

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Q: When did albert Einstein first discover electricity?
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How did Albert Einstein discover electricity?

History doesn't record the actual event, but it's almost certain that Albert Einstein discovered electricity either the first time he opened his Physics book or the first time he switched on the light in his bedroom as a child. Electricity had been thoroughly investigated by the time Einstein was born.

When did Albert Einstein first harness electricity?

Albert Einstein was no narnessing electric. It was understanding the relationship of Energy to matter.

Where were diffusion and osmoses discovered?

yeah albert Einstein was the first to discover diffusuion and particles

What is Einstein's first name?

The most known Einstein is Albert Einstein

Did Albert Einstein invent electicity?

No, electricity was around long before him. Benjamin Franklin is commonly accredited to be the first man to define and harness electricity.

What was Albert Einstein's first name?


When did Albert Einstein design the first aircraft?

Albert Einstein did not design airplanes- first, last or in between.

Who was the first discover electricity?

Benjamin Franklin was the first to discover electricity.

Did Albert Einstein discover the element Einsteinium?

No, it was named to honor Albert Einstein."Einsteinium was first identified in 1952 by Albert Ghiorso at the University of California, Berkeley and another team headed by G.R. Choppin at Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA." I linked my source below.

Schools Albert Einstein attended?

the first school albert einstein attended was luitplod gymnasium

How many children did Albert Einstein have?

Albert Einstein had 3 (three) children with his first wife. .

What was Einstein's first name?