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well now the show is cancled & it's just So Random, but without Demi. Demi had issues with her life so she had to quit Sonny With A Chance.

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Q: When are the new episodes of Sonny With a Chance coming out?
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Is there going to be new episodes of Sonny With a Chance in 2010 after Sonny So Far?

Yes there will be new weekly episodes of Sonny With A Chance.

Sonny With a Chance new episodes?

No new episodes, the show has ended.

Is so random coming back to Disney?

Sonny With A Chance is not coming back... But they usually do have new episodes of So Random... You might beable to find that by searching somewhere on the internet! (;

When will Sonny With a Chance end?

Sonny With A Chance is still showing they already made 3 new episodes since the end of March. OH YEAH!!

When is there going to be more new episodes of Sonny With a Chance?

im guessing when the new season starts

When is the thired season of Sonny With a Chance coming out?

Sometime in 2011 But With A New Sonny Because She Was In Rehab

Why isn't there new shows of Sonny With a Chance?

they will be coming on after they make a new series

When will Sonny with a chance start again?

they are actually filing new episodes, because Greyson Chance posted a tweet say that he will be on sonny with a chance soon. and posted a pic of him on the set.

When is Demi Lovato's new show Sonny With a Chance coming to Disney channel?

Sonny with a chance has already started. The series is HILARIOUS!!!

Will Grady ask Sonny out?

No because in sonny with a chance Sonny is going out with Chad! If you go on Blinkx tv you can watch new episodes of Sonny with a chance that aren't even on in the UK yet such as Falling for the falls and sonny with a secret! It's actually really good xx

Is demi going to act again?

YESS she is making new sonny with a chance episodes so looking forward to it !!!

When is the next new episode of Sonny With a Chance?

Its coming out soon so don't worry... Are you a fan??