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Q: When an accident occurs which of the follwing is the most effective corrective action?
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How is the health and safety policy effective?

It should be effective on the basis that every employee knows the health and safety policy of their employer and should their health or safety be compromised they have a policy to report it and an expectation that corrective action will be taken.

The key to effective project control is to measure production quality and compare it to efficiency measures on a timely and regular basis and to take necessary corrective action immediately?


When would one need to take corrective action?

You would need to take corrective action when an event poses a critical impact on any organism or organization.

What is full form of cap?

Corrective Action Plan

Where can I obtain corrective action software for my small business?

My software companies that help with corrective action. This is typically financial software that can help to model the type of action you should take given a set of data.

What does it mean when you say someone is being blocked?

Blocking is a form of corrective action on WikiAnswers. Typically it is the final choice taken when other forms of corrective action such as warnings are ineffective.

Is mistaken the opposite of corrective?

No. The adjective mistaken can be the opposite of correct, but corrective has another meaning altogether.The opposite of a "corrective" act could be a damaging or injurious one. The alternative to a corrective action could be a punitive or disciplinary one.

Which is a good corrective action software to use for my business?

The company Everest provides a product called Lynk Software. This corrective action software handles customers questions and analyzes trends.

A primary source for identifying requirements for corrective action is?

A primary source is a first-hand account of an event, such as a person who personally experienced something. If corrective action is required in the event of a person making a mistake or harming another person, for example, a primary source for identifying the corrective action's requirements would be the person harmed by the event.

Who should receive safety committee recommendations for corrective action?


What is difference between remediation corrective action and discipline?

Remdiation is a way to find an acceptable solution to a problem Corrective action is a process that put into action to fix the problem discipline is a step taken to document an employee for unacceptable behavior, productivity, etc.

The process of taking corrective action to meet objectives is known as what?

Problem solving