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Work idependently of the text.

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im not sure about that

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Q: When adding a visual image to technical writing the image should?
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Benifts of using graphs visual aids in technical writing?

"Benefits: A picture is worth a thousand words"

Examples of description of a mechanism in technical writing?

In technical writing a description of a mechanism contains visual with label that make it easy for readers to follow. An example would be a description of a fan with images that list the parts.

Which two elements should be included with each visual aid technical document?

A caption and a citation

What are filmic codes?

technical, audio and visual codes

What visual elements of a technical manual allows a technical writer to spend less time describing and explaining to which piece of a product an instruction is referring?

Illustrations are the visual elements.

What is the importance of technical writing for business?

Technical writing supports a business's use of technology in the business functions performed by every business, whether the function be centered in numbers, text, audio, visual or automated systems. The person who writes the technical material must understand both 'languages': the language of business and the language of technology. Ultimately, well-written technical material can be used by a business worker to perform the business tasks at hand.

When organizing visual aids in a technical document its best to avoid?

In a technical document it is best to avoid clustering the visuals in one place.

What is pyrotechnic visual distress devices?

That's the technical description for a signal flare !

What is part of a clear technical document?

Visual diagrams that illustrate what the text says

What does vdu stand for in computer terms?

VDU stands for Visual Display Unit - The technical term for the computer's monitor.

What is a descriptive language that forms vivid mental pictures called?

Discriptive writing or visual writing

What are three types of graphic design or visual elements in a technical document?

imagery,typography and ...