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Abandon the vehicle. Get to a sturdy shelter if you can. If not, take shelter in a ditch or depression and cover your head. Get as low as possible. Do not seek shelter under a bridge.

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Q: When a tornado hits when you're in a car what do you do?
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What happens if a tornado hits a car?

The car would be taken up in the air and destroyed and if your in the car then the chances of living is moderate

If a tornado comes what should you do?

I would assume that when the tornado hits you are going to be in your car as per the category this was posted under. If you are in your car during a tornado, you should find a ditch and lay in in on your stomach away from your car. If you cannot find a ditch it is suggested to get out of your car and lay under the vehichle in such a manner that if the car would roll either direction the car would not roll on top of you and the car would protect you from debris that is carried by the strong winds.

What happens before the tornado hits the ground?

The tornado is a twister before it hits the ground, it just spins in the sky, kind of

Can you control where a tornado hits?

No. There is absolutely no way for people to control anything about a tornado.

Is it too dangerous to drive in a tornado?

Yes. You are safer inside a sturdy building than in a car. A tornado does not have to be very strong to lift or roll a car. A car is provably the worst place to be in a tornado after a mobile home.

What should you do if a tornado hits your car?

1st: be aware. Don't get caught in a tornado. If you can drive at right angles to it, do so. If you find yourself close to one abandon the vehicle and take cover in a ditch. Do not seek shelter under an overpass.

Is it safe to be in your car in the garage during a tornado?

No. It doesn't take a very strong tornado to pick up or flip a car. If you are in a car and a tornado is coming you should go to the nearest sturdy building or underground shelter. If no shelter is nearby get out of the car and lie in a ditch or depression.

Is a water spout classified as a natural disaster?

Yes... It's a Tornado, but the difference of a waterspout hits a body of water. And a Tornado hits a body of land.

What happenswhen a lightning bolt hits a raging tornado?

Nothing happens. The lightning will not affect the tornado.

Were do the car toys get packaging at?

up youre butt

What speed of tornado can lift a car off the ground?

It depends on the car, but typically it takes a wind of at least 120 mph to lift a car. This is consistent with an EF2 tornado.

When will be the next quiet tornado?

First of all, tornadoes are not quiet. It may be quiet before a tornado hits, but not in the tornado itself. Second, it is impossible to predict when or where the next tornado will hit.