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the person that owns the car

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Q: When a auto is borrow by a friend who is liable for an accident?
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Who would be liable if you were driving a friend's vehicle and got into an accident and they did not have insurance?

The driver's insurance would then be considered "secondary," meaning if the owner of the auto didn't have insurance, then if the person driving the car had insurance, they would be liable.

Are intoxicated drivers involved in an auto accident automatically liable?

yes. Always responsible.

Are parents liable for damages in Massachusetts for an auto accident that their children caused?

Yes, they are through their homeowners policy.

Is insurance liable for depreciation on auto damaged in accident?

No, they will give you the current book value of the car at the time of the crash.

What if auto insurance was canceled before your accident?

Then you may be liable for any damage that you caused to someones property or person.

If you have an accident with no car insurance in Pa what happens?

If you have an auto accident and you are found to be at fault, then if taken to court you can be liable for all damages. You could potentially lose everything that you have.

Does Medicare cover hospital costs in an auto accident?

Yes, If there is no other insurance company or policy liable. For example if there is another policy liable, Medicare will share in the cost after the auto policy has paid its responsibility. We have seen cases where Medicare has paid claims and ultimately requested reimbursement from the individual because they later found another auto policy that covered the accident.

If your 18 year old child owns his own car can you put him on your auto insurance policy and are you liable if they get into an accident?

in some places yes

If you voluntary turn back in a financed auto and the auto has been in an accident and you had no insurance coverage what are you libel for?

You are liable for everything. Fixing the car, paying for the car (the balance of the contract) and repo fees.

If you borrow a friend's car with permission are you covered under their auto insurance?

Generally barring any exclusion in the policy.

Will your auto insurance increase if you get into an accident with a friend's car?

Not unless you received a violation for the accident. Otherwise it will show on your record as a not at fault accident and should not raise your rates.

Are settlements from auto accident taxable?

Depending on the state. In Georgia you are liable for state tax on money earned from an auto accident injury claim. Some states do not have state tax's or tax codes that would apply. Federal taxes are due in all states.