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Madam I'm Adam

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Madam I am adam

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Q: When Adam introduced himself to eve what three words did he use which are the same when read forwards or backwards?
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A word that reads the same backwards and forwards. madam, level, rotor

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With what three words that read the same forwards and backwards did Adam introduce himself to Eve?

According to legend, Adam introduced himself with, 'Madam, I'm Adam'. There are five letters on either side of the sole letter 'i'. The letters on both sides of the 'i' spell out 'm-a-d-a-m'. But that would have made English one of the world's first spoken languages!

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eye :)

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Yes, you just need to look at the individual letters in the name. The first three are HAN and the last three are NAH. Therefore, apart from the fact that the name must begin with a capital letter but does not end with one, it reads the same backwards as forwards (i.e. it is a palindrome).

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