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Q: Whatever is written on the forehead is always seen?
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What can tapping on your forehead over and over do to you?

If you tap for a really long time on someone's forehead, they will slowly go insane. I've seen it happen

Can the moon always be seen?

It can always be seen in one part of the world

When a girl kisses you on the forehead?

A kiss on the forehead is often seen as a sweet and caring gesture, expressing affection, comfort, and protection. It can signify feelings of love, admiration, or tenderness towards the person receiving the kiss.

Is my head big?

I have no idea

Did Charles Manson have an upside down cross on his forehead?

Manson has a swastika tattooed on his forehead.Another view:I saw a documentary about the family and Manson did have a cross on his forehead but I could not tell if it was a tattoo or just a drawing. Later in the documentary he had the swastika tattooed on his forehead and there were no cross seen so maybe he made the cross with a pen for his trials.

Why does Danny koker wear a scarf over forehead?

Danny Koker wears a bandana or scarf over his forehead as a personal style choice. He is often seen wearing it as part of his signature look on his television shows like "Counting Cars."

What the condition called when you have the feeling that whatever is happening is already seen by you?

Deja vu - French for "already seen".

What muscle enables raising of eyebrows and wrinkling of the forehead?

Currugator muscle draws the eyebrow down and wrinkles the forehead

What are the information about negroids?

The are people seen in the equitorial region of our earth. They are mostly seen in the parts of south africa.. They are dark in colur and there skins are very rough. They have big forehead, dark toungue, petrified teeth, etc..

What would you wish for if you seen a falling star?

whatever you truly want.

Can tornado's always be seen?

Yes it can be seen. You can even see it forming.

When you speak using the word seen must you always say have seen?

Yes a helping (auxiliary) verb should always be used.