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Q: What year was the smith corona 210 automatic typewriter made?
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Smith corona super speed typewriter made 1937-1953 what is it worth?

YESSS 1200000

What company made the typewriter?

ING made the first typewriter

When was Smith-Corona 1903A3 serial number 3639763 made?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Smith-corona model 1903A3 was made in the year 1943.these rifles were only made in the years 1943-1944.If your rifle has a letter C prefix to the serial number,then this indicates that remington also made a model 1903A3 with the same serial number. These were the only 2 manufactures of the 1903A3 rifles.

When did christpher soles made the typewriter?

Christopher Sholes created the typewriter in 1867.

What materials is a typewriter made of?

Typewriters are typically made of various materials including metal (such as steel and aluminum), plastic, rubber, and glass. The body of a typewriter is often made of metal for durability, while plastic parts are used for components like keys and covers. Rubber is used for the platen and other parts that need to provide friction or cushioning. Glass may be used for the keys or typebars.

What is the glare around the sun made of?

That would be the Suns' Corona, The Corona is just made out of superheated particles of the Sun.

Why was the first typewriter called the blind typewriter?

The first typewriter was called the "blind typewriter" because the early models did not have a visible carriage. This made it difficult for the typist to see the letters as they were being typed, hence the term "blind typewriter."

What year was the Smith Corona Coronet Electric 12 made and what is its value?

I bought one new in 1965. It's current value is best determined by what the buying price is on this model on eBay.

When was the first typewriter keyboard made?


What replaced the typewriter?

The first writing machine was in 1714 and in 1829 the typographer was made. In 1868 Sholes made the typewriter and in 1872 Edison makes the first electric typewriter . The idea of the typewriter began with the development of moveable type in Germany in 1434. So, it really didn't replace anything, but was a further development.

When was the first modern typewriter made in?

1868 by Sholes

Why typewriter was invented?

It was originally the first computer made.