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Q: What year was the dodge challenger in the tv series burn notice?
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Is Burn Notice rated PG?

The TV Series "Burn Notice" is rated 13.

What kind of car does michael drive in burn notice?

Dodge Charger

Will there be a season 8 of burn notice?

No. The series finished its run with 7 seasons.

What wristwatch does Jesse Porter wear on burn notice?

Luminox watch series

What year charger is on Burn Notice?

Dodge Char­ger noire mo­dèle 1973 de Mi­chael Wes­ten Jef­frey Do­no­van dans la sé­rie Burn No­tice

What kind of car does Michael Weston drive in 'Burn Notice'?

It's a 1973 Dodge Charger Rallye Edition

Who loves the show burn notice?

I love Burn Notice.

Is Gabrielle Anwar leaving burn notice?

No she is not leaving Burn Notice.

Where is 'Burn Notice' filmed?

'Burn Notice' is filmed in Miami, Florida.

Who plays Veronica on 'Burn Notice'?

Audrey Landers plays Veronica on Burn Notice.

Is this the last season of burn notice?

Yes, season 7 is the last season of Burn Notice.

When will 'Burn Notice' return to FX?

burn notice is on usa and will return June 4th 2009